Internet Anthropology

Information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new varieties of communities and communicative practices. From social networks with unique behavior sets, of influencers and their proprietary followers, to ecommerce businesses with loyal customer bases.

Many times these are referred to as “Tribes” – for a reason!

This is a phenomena that is an area of attention for anthropological researchers such as myself.

As an anthropologist that has worked with connected and online technology for nearly 40 years, I have applied anthropologic models and skill sets to much of my work. It played a significant role in the early and later successes at companies such as TigerDirect prior to 2011 and others.

However, according to subject leaders: despite early assessments of the revolutionary nature of the Internet and the enormous transformations it would bring about, the changes have been less dramatic and more embedded in existing practices and power relations of everyday life.

Thus a real review would needs explore research questions, approaches, and insights within anthropology and relevant related fields to seek promising new directions for enterprises struggling to identify ways to break through to greater success.

Our view is that the technologies comprising the Internet, and all the text and media (content) that exist within it are in fact themselves cultural products and anthropology is thus ideally suited to furthering the perfection of business and consumer communities online. This is not so new a phenomena but instead is actually the science of anthropology that can be applied in finding new online solutions for business.

We bring a unique mix of vast experience in ecommerce – in all its forms, applied ethical social engineering with several decades of online success, and the unique ability to combine anthropology in the creation of greater opportunities for our clients.

It May Take A Village To Raise A Child!
But It Takes A Tribe To Succeed In Business!

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