Miami, Florida. January 27, 2017
Re-printed from the Minority Chamber of Commerce

The Minority Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Cyber Security Miami Conference on January 27, 2017 at the Hotel Intercontinental, in Doral, Florida.

The high level premier Cyber Conference was aimed at helping businesses of all sizes to develop and the diverse industries, evaluate, and strengthen their cybersecurity programs, explore in many ways and connect with law enforcement community before and after cyber incidents occur. The conference focus was the panel presentation looking at the meshing of law enforcement with the private sector, including the financial service industry’s perspective on cyber security, and a special discussion on socially engineered cyber risks by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. In addition, topics included insights in how all businesses, large or small, can secure their information infrastructure.

The MCC Cyber Security Miami Conference 2017 provided an impressive panel of speakers that included: Special Agent Kevin Parker, FBI’s South Florida representative in Cyber Attack strategies and business partnership programs;  Mr. Rob Vazquez, Clarium a global cyber security services company and Chairman of the Cyber Attack Committee of the Minority Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Tim McGuinness, co-founder of TigerDirect, CEO of Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company the leader in web services & consulting in South Florida and Chairman of SCARS a non-profit focused on Socially Engineered Cyber Scams; as well as Mr. Steve Detwiler of the Miami Dade County Emergency and Preparedness office, among others local leaders.

The premier event presented an unparalleled opportunity for local companies to explore current cyber-threats with more than 10 distinguished speakers from government, the private sector, and business leaders at the Chamber. Each brought unique insights from their expertise in the disciplines of emerging technologies, operations and enforcement, digital asset protection, and pragmatic experience in the use of the web, and law enforcement to coordinate their efforts to create a more secure business environment.

About the Cybersecurity Conference:

To educate and produce a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together industry, government and local business leaders interests in an effort to improve the local companies of cyber security on both a domestic and international level. The main goal is to discuss information on how to protect local business from one of the greatest threats facing almost every business in the world today, there is something for every business, regardless of size or industry.

About Minority Chamber of Commerce:

The Minority Chamber’s Cyber Committee was created to assist members and partners to develop and implement, with its multifaceted stakeholders, a strong protection and security response awareness that helps safeguard their private business information, their digital assets and their ways of doing business. In that, the Chamber advocates through its Cyber Security Committee and working groups, this initiative to work with a competitive and secure local, national and international trade environment, strong private sector cyber networks and systems, and a disaster resilient business community.

[Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company was thankful for the opportunity to present as a principal speaker. However, in no way endorses nor recommends the Minority Chamber of Commerce in any way, not claims any affiliation with that organization.]