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Ecommerce Content Is The Whole Purpose Of Your Website

One of the great ironies is that ecommerce product content is largely an after though.

Most online stores look at content as a necessary evil – a cost for their business. Yet we speak from experience generating more than $25 Billion for our clients that is it not a cost, it is an investment in your success!


Let’s say you spend $5 in content production costs currently – this is fairly typical for major ecommerce sites. You are creating a few specs and a written description for that money.

Of course everyone says why spend more because the customers only go to Amazon or they buy where there is the cheapest price.

Not true. Studies show that website credibility is critical to helping a consumer form an immediate buy decision. That is, where there is a minimal price difference, the consumer will buy where they feel the website is the most authoritative, provides the most descriptive information, and convinces the customer that the product is the right one to purchase. This means has the best content!

Additionally, with all the changes to Google’s algorithms over the last few years, content quality is now paramount to SEO. In fact, some argue that uniqueness and quality of content is now more than 50% of the SEO battle.

An Example Of A Tim McGuinness, Ph.D and Company Product Page Design

This Is An Example Of A Tim McGuinness, Ph.D and Company Enhanced Product Page Design

Going back to the price of content, let’s say you sell a product that costs $25 and has a net margin of $10. You want to make your content the best there is in your category. This might cost you $35 per SKU. but you look at that extra cost and can’t justify it to management. However, have you looked at the value of the investment in the better content? How it will increase conversions and revenue, and even increase average order value?

How many additional products will you sell because you created the vastly better content? To go from $5 to $35 per SKU, with a $10 net per product, you only have to generate 3 more unit sales to justify the investment on a break even basis. Experience shows that you can increase sales by double digit percentages with simply creating better content.

When looked at in that light, that is not much of an investment to justify the extraordinary achievement in increasing your credibility and worth to your customer that better content creates.

What Is The Right Content For Your Ecommerce Site?

What Is The Right Content For Your Ecommerce Site?

A Case Study:

We were hired by a Berkshire Hathaway unit the Nebraska Furniture Mart to resolve a problem for them. In their brick & mortar retail stores the mattress category was one of their top sellers, but on their website it was their worst selling category. They could not find a solution to this themselves. We entered the picture and based upon our analysis, identified new design approaches to solve their problem. We redesigned the content requirements for their mattress products and recreated 100% of the content for the their existing products over a 6 month project period. By the end of that project, we had converted the mattress category into one of their top online categories and also increased their overall top line online by 19%.

We Help You Understand What Is Right For You!

We have had the luxury of having websites with a million visitors a day or more, and the extended opportunity to design content that maximizes results. By careful analysis and deployment of our proprietary content designs we have raised conversions significantly for our clients.

If you face similar challenges and are having difficulty with individual product categories or your overall website contact us. We will review your challenges and opportunities to identify the best solutions. We will provide you with new custom designs, and either help with the resources needed to perform the transformation or train your own personnel in what needs to be accomplished – working with them to achieve maximum production efficiency so that you can sustain the significantly improved content quality over time. We can also provide ongoing support consultation to help you team take advantage of new opportunities and overcome challenges, as well as audit your site to make sure everything stays on track and in sync for maximum conversion success.

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