Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company

Professional Milestones

1980 – Atari Corporate Research

1981 – On The Internet [ARPAnet]

1982 – Romox Video Game Network Ecommerce System

1985 – Co-founded TigerDirect (originally called BLOC)

1991 – TigerDirect Ecommerce on AOL

1994 – TigerDirect on the Web

1997 – Launched Worldwide Ecommerce Websites For Systemax

2000 – Reinvented Clinical Research/Trials Process Using Web

2002 – State & Federal Government Web Solutions

2004 – Regulatory Standards Body Co-Chairman

2007 – Reinvented Ecommerce Content Design

2011 – Content Centrism Drives Systemax to peak Revenue of $3.68B

2013 – Perfected Large Scale Content Production Processes

2014 – Delivering Unique Solutions To Web-based Businesses

2015 – Supporting Launch Of New Ecommerce Businesses

2016 – Delivering Services To Drive $25B In Customer’s Sales

2017 – Advisory Board Member To Leading Robotics & Drone Companies

2017 – Appointed to Board of leading Florida University – Focus on Cybersecurity

2018 – Appointed to Faculty of Major Asian University

2018 – Appointed to Two Leading Think Tanks

2019 – Providing Services to Major Asia Ecommerce Companies

2019 – Perfecting Solutions for B2B Commerce

The Original WebFossil®

The Original WebFossil®

About Tim McGuinness

I am (and my team) always looking for new challenges, new opportunities to improve the world for our children and yours, and new worlds to explore. I am passionate about the future, new technology (such as drones, robotics, 3D printing), marketing and publishing, ecommerce, content, and leaving this world a better place.

Throughout my career, I have held a unique focus on emerging product technologies while using content in all its forms to communicate this to the world. Now I have the pleasure of doing it for other enterprises.

Through my professional practices, my team and I offer exceptional guidance consulting services to help any size ecommerce or online business make breakthroughs in everything from customer trust barriers to living with Google’s frequent algorithm updates. We understand how to survive in an Amazon-dominated world, and use your assets and our creativity in ways no other company can. We have helped our clients grow their businesses in ways they never imagined. I have been involved in online content marketing since 1981, and have numerous pioneering firsts to my credit.

I have also been involved in setting the standards for privacy & security in many schemas, including as the Co-Chairman of a HIPPA standard body. Today I am involved as a board member and advisory board member of several organizations. I am most proud to have founded an organization that is actually saving the lives of people around the world who fall victim to online fraud and hope that those reading this will recognize the value of this and may provide assistance since this affects people you personally know, possibly your own parents or children. (for more information about that please visit www.AgainstScams.org)

Contact me, I’m happy to talk about what we do and how we can help you. C-level consulting and guidance are our bread and butter! Technology is my passion.

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Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.
Doral, Florida, U.S.A.
August 30, 2018

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