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Applied Social Engineering In Ecommerce

Master Content Conversion Psychology

We Are Also Internet Anthropologists!
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Since the invention of ecommerce technology most online businesses have approached almost all customer conversion challenges as a question of technology.

Notice that while the widgets on ecommerce websites have become ever more sophisticated, no one really questions the basic fundamentals that were established in the 1990s. Why is that?

Perhaps it is something as simple as almost no one is applying real psychological or anthropological factors in the design of their websites and content?

If you are one of those businesses that follow the pack, yet wonder why your sales are declining, perhaps it is time to review the assumptions that you take for granted every day. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the foundations before plugging in more platform technology?

Applied Social Engineering done ethically can help you separate yourself from not only your competition but also from yourself.

Let us help you explore your assumptions to determine which of them is working for you or not, and re-engineer your customer’s interactions for improved engagement & conversion.

When Is The Last Time?

That your Website had an …

  • Audit of your Product Detail Pages?
  • Audit of your Taxonomies?
  • Audit of your UX & Navigation?
  • Audit for Duplicate Content?
  • Audit of your Marketplaces?

These are but a few of the things we can do for you!

Can we increase engagement, conversions and top-line revenue with our unique Content-Centric Approach?

Yes We Can!

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Taxonomy Design & Auditing Services

Taxonomy Design & Auditing Services

Every ecommerce site evolves over time. Unfortunately, only rarely does any retailer review how their taxonomy developed and if it is truly serving their products and their customers. Your own staff is likely oblivious to the direction and bottlenecks that your taxonomy has created, and the pain it causes your customers.

We offer a unique service, based on our several million SKU experiences to analyze your taxonomies. We help you optimize and redesign your taxonomy schema and then provide periodic audits to make sure your team stays on track. All for an affordable price performed in the U.S. by our Retail Content Professionals.

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Current & Recent Past Clients of Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company - Systemax TigerDirect Sears/KMart Adorama SunnySports NebraskaFurnitureMart MiscoUK WStore PureFormulas & many more

Current & Recent Past Clients of Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company

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